7-11 in Taiwan

Have you ever been to a 7-11 in Taiwan? In the States, 7-11 isn’t a big brand name, but it is in Taiwan. What makes 7-11 so special in Taiwan? Well, it is like a superstore. You can pretty much get anything you need at any time.

This post is in regards to my recent travel experience back to Taiwan. My husband and I  landed in Taiwan at 4:30am yesterday morning. It was so early that we didn’t want to wake up my parents (which they insisted on picking me up from the airport). So we decided to grab a quick bite at the airport. But 4:30am in the morning? Where could we possibly go? Just when we thought maybe we should just wait in the lounge (if they were even open), I told my husband that we should check out the 7-11 in the basement of the arrival terminal. As soon as I suggested this option, he laughed and replied: “there is no way it would be open.” Being a designer that tests out her work every single day, I told him let’s bet a dollar!

Who do you think won the bet? Of course, I did. I’m writing about 7-11 isn’t because I won the bet. I’m writing about it because the experience we had at the 7-11 was phenomenal. The selection of food, drinks, snacks, and most importantly the service all made us feel so great to be back in Asia. I don’t think any of my 7-11 stops during road trips in the States was any close to this experience here. I wish I could tell you more about it but my jetlag is kicking in. I will tell you more about it later.

But just remember, next time, when you visit Asia (particularly in Taiwan or Japan), make sure you stop by their convenience stores. It’s quite an experience itself 🙂

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