Mindful Technology

The first time I learned about the term mindful technology was when I attended Interaction 17. It was my first major UX conference, and it changed the way I approach design ever since.

Liza Kindred’s talk on Mindful Technology served as a wake-up call on what the purpose of technology really is in our lives. Before becoming a UX Designer, I was working in various consumer-centric industries. I worked in sales, where I dealt with customers face-to-face on a day-to-day basis; I also worked in supply chain, particularly in the global sourcing sector, where I researched, developed, purchased, and delivered products into consumers’ hands for years. All of these past experiences eventually guided me into the world of design, where I believe I have the power to change things, to make things better for the mankind.

With the ambition of making the world a better place through design, I became a UX Designer by traits and training. One of the things I often do to keep up with such mission is to attend meetup events.

This past week, I just found out that Liza Kindred has started a meetup group for Mindful Technology (oh YAY). I’m writing and sharing this info here and I will definitely share more once I attend her meetup 🙂

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