The purpose

Life is short, don’t let a bad experience ruin your day. It’s easier said than done. Living in New York City is especially hard. I can’t remember how many times I walk into a Duane Reade, see a grumpy cashier, and decide to just shop on Amazon instead. I also can’t remember how many times I try to hold my breath while waiting for the subway. Oh well, nobody likes a bad experience, but what makes a good one?

Xproject52 is a site I record experiences found in life, whether it comes in a physical or a digital format.   Every week, I will release a review, a reflection, a discovery or a takeaway from something I learned in the world (and yes I love traveling). Some weeks I might include something personal while some I might be strictly talking business. Xproject52 is not simply a field observation but also a self-reflection. What does a good experience mean and how do we create one or perhaps many? That is the question I hope to answer by the end of this project.

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