Page Turners at Amazon Bookstore

Last week, I went to Amazon Bookstore in Columbus Circle. Although this wasn’t my first time visiting Amazon Bookstore in Columbus Circle nor was it my first Amazon Bookstore experience (first one was in U Village years ago), this bookstore was different!

“Page Turners — Books Kindle Readers Finish in 3 Days or Less” was what made my experience different this time. I’ve never liked reading books online. In fact, given a choice, I will always buy a physical copy rather than reading on a digital screen. After all, I already have my fair share of screen time (even when I’m writing this article…I’m starring at the screen). But this time, I want to thank people that chose reading digitally over physically. Without them, Amazon wouldn’t be able to collect the “Page Turners” data that ultimately help me making purchasing choice today.

I never know know or like judging a book by its cover, so I always have trouble picking out books to read. Maybe that’s why my experience with Tate Modern Museum bookstore (check out the article I wrote back in September) was so delightful because the way they curated their book displays helped me decide on which book to read next based on my past experiences. Now Amazon has this “Page Turners” aisle is, in fact, even better than Tate Modern’s curation!

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