KA or KB?

If you’ve ever been to London, you must have rode their cute double-decker busses. Like any public transportations, most of the time a bus could go either direction. If you’re not familiar with the city, you probably wouldn’t know which side to ride on — but that doesn’t seem like the case in London.

This past week, I was in London for my anniversary. We rode the buses whenever we could, so we could get more of “sightseeing” done. Besides the cuteness of the bus, what fascinated me the most is how easy it is to navigate direction. For instance, if we’re riding a bus to Oxford Circus, in our google map, the direction clearly shows that we should take Bus 88 and we should wait at the KA stop. So what is the KB stop? The KB stop would be the bus stop literally right across the street with Bus 88 traveling towards the oppposite direction. Because of this simple and clever design for their bus stop system, we were able to know which side of the street to wait for our bus.

Such simple design made our experience in London so much more fulfilling. Which got my wonder…why other cities cant catch up with this? Maybe that is why London is still my all-time favorite city in the world.

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