ConnectIreland and Dublin Airport

My good impression of Dublin did not just end at Guinness Storehouse or the Preclearance. Not only did I have a good time while in Dublin, I also enjoyed the preclearance at Dublin airport (and the free chocolate from Butler!). Moreover, I received a well-written invitation email from Emer McCarthy that invites me to invest in Dublin after I got back to the Stateside.

You probably wonder why I value this experience. Well, I’ve been to many cities that aim to attract foreign talents and investors but I have not seen a city that makes me feel so warm and welcomed until I visited Dublin. Many might say that of course, they’re nice to you because they wanted your money but at least I appreciate the way they approach me. There are many ways to ask for what you want in life but how you ask will determine what you get. I see how Dublin is asking and I hope she gets what she wants 🙂 After all, I enjoyed my experience at Dublin very much and I hope if you take a trip there one day, you will see what I saw!

P/S Even the taxi rides were amazingly comfortable. All of the taxi drivers I encountered were really cultured. One even asked me to pay less because he didn’t think I should be responsible for the “waiting time”. Wow!

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