What is your door-to-door commute like? 

“What is your door-to-door commute like?’ – this has been a question that came up many times since I started the new job. Before moving to New York, I never thought it could possibly take me an hour in a public transportation to get to work (each way). What is more surprising is that I am definitely not alone. Most of my colleagues use a combination of private and public transportations to get to work. In fact, many of their commutes are much longer than mine.

How can we make our commuting experience better? Of course, we won’t all be able to afford to live in the city, so it is inevitable that we’ll have to commute. I used to drive for an hour to get to work. I hated it because driving requires so much concentration. I would much rather sleep or zone out in a train, I thought. Now I actually take a train to work instead of driving, so problem solved? Nope. The walking, the waiting, and sometimes sniffing someone else’s body odor in the train frustrate me every day.

What would be a good solution here? Is it to fix our transportation system? Or perhaps we should fix our working culture? I’m not sure but I hope to find the answer to the question soon, so I can truly enjoy what I do for a living!

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