The little things we appreciate now!

If you’re like me, you’ve lived in cities throughout almost your entire life, you probably never realize how many little things you take for granted your entire life until we started operating shelter-in-place mode as a society!

Earlier today, my husband asked me to give him a haircut which he has been asking me for days. I agreed to do it and naively thought I could do a good job by watching some 5-min Youtube video as part of the preparation.

Without going into the detail of how I cut his hair, the lesson I wanted to share here is the little things that we never appreciate until moments like this! Living in New York City (or any metropolitan/civilized communities), you are probably used to the convenience of having someone else doing the job for you whenever you can afford the cost of service. You could drop off your clothes at the laundromat for wash-and-fold, you could grab your morning joe at countless coffeeshops across the town, and you could certainly get a nice haircut with or without an appointment. All these little things… that we took for granted however, are not available at this moment!

While I hear many complain about their lives filled with boredom and anger during this period, I would like to point out how we could always turn the table around and look at the little things we never appreciate prior to this unprecedented time we live in. Perhaps, next time when we receive a service from someone, whether a stranger or a family member, we learn to appreciate the experience we receive and will cherish the those moments moving forward!

For now, let’s enjoy the experience we have while we shelter in place and learn some new skills that we have been taking for granted in this life!


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