Joe & the Juice

My first time at Joe & the Juice was in the Copenhagen Airport (3 years ago I think). It was my first time visiting Copenhagen, first time doing backpacking, and first time having a novice coffee-drinking experience. From the interior to the background music selections, Joe & the Juice was such a refreshing experience for me at the time. Most coffee shops I’ve been to feels just like another Starbucks but Joe & the Juice somehow made me feel more energized rather than laidback — in a good way.

Since my first encounter at Joe & the Juice in Copenhagen, I’ve visited their stores in different places. My favorite experience is definitely the one in Miami. And my worst experience? It’s in New York for sure. It has been my general observation that most retail stores in New York represent the worst customer experience across different brands. Just off the top of my head, one quick example would be the lazy sales associate from Uniqlo who told us the clothes on the mannequin was not part of the merchandise they carry in the store (i.e. she did not want to check the available size in stock). So what about Joe & the Juice this time? Well, it was definitely the attitude. It was obvious to me the barista did not enjoy his job and perhaps did not follow the SOP which ended up making me a disgusting drink.

This recent experience got me wonder, how can business ensure their standards are delivered across all of their branches regardless where they are located? I understand the need for localization from time to time but customer experience should never be neglected in the process.

Can you think of a brand that delivers consistent quality of products and services across all its presences (both physical store and digital platform)? If you think of something, please share with me!

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